[tish . tosh]:
adjective: fun, creative, imaginative design


2002;  a whimsical game of cards in Boston, MA – root term Stephie-Tish

 I am an outgoing, design savy, event coordinator currently working in the Los Angeles area. My freshly manicured hands are used to getting down and dirty, working long hours, organizing the unorganizable and coming in on weekends. I have the innate ability to generate fresh ideas, de-mystify vendor selection, and solve impending disasters on the spot. I fully understand what it means to be under intense amounts of stress and handle it like the lady I am. I’ve worked on an impressive roster of A -List industry events, including the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards, private celebrity events, charity galas, movie premiers and weddings.

On the flip side, creativity is my happiness. I work wonders with the smallest of budgets, the tiniest of venues, the shortest of notice. I’m the friend that has a binder filled with magazine inspiration clippings (sorted by color), knows all the vendors at the flea market by name, uses mason jars for vodka lemonades and has DIY’d every piece of artwork in her house.

I get the job done, with a smile, maybe a hug, and with time and money to spare


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